Mitchell Law Group is actively involved in Operation Helping Hand (OpHH). OpHH is a program that provides financial assistance and support to wounded active duty military personnel. OpHH has been around for five years and has presented wounded soldiers and their families with gasoline coupons, dinner tickets, cell phone cards, legal advice, or any other items they might need. A popular feature of OpHH is a monthly dinner for wounded soldiers. The firm also provides and recruit other attorneys to provide some legal help to wounded active duty miliary personnel.

The firm also helps with the Homeless Women Veterans Program which assists homeless female veterans in receiving counseling, employment,housing and independence from alcohol and drugs. Since its creation in August 2000, the program has enrolled and assisted over 240 female veterans in getting back on their feet.

If you would like to donate or be involved in either of these programs to give back to our veterans, please let us know!